Welcome – Reconnect To You

As Individuals and as a society, we can no longer afford to be disconnected from our totality, our truth…our Soul. Connecting back to self is where our highest power lies. There is no more important journey than the journey back to Self. You can look anywhere AND everywhere. But only when you look within, will you find true Liberation. At Reconnect To You, I use spiritual life coaching, hypnosis and energy work to guide and hold space for people who desire a life filled with passion, connection and purpose. Clarity on your path will be facilitated by my guidance, just as a lantern is held up to illuminate the way in darkness. This epic journey may not always be easy, in those moments I will remind you–  you have everything that is needed to reach your destination inside of you. Its always been there waiting for you to utilize it. Now is that time! Imagine what your life could be like if you embraced the totality of who you are and listened to the voice of your soul? Reconnect to you is far more than just an idea; it’s a movement. A movement where by reconnecting, we change the world by changing ourselves first!