My Story

My Story: Chana Pugh

Living in alignment with your soul’s highest purpose is my vision for us all — it is my life’s work. This mission manifested itself through my own ongoing spiritual journey and discovery of self. My experiences and passion for knowledge lead me to understand the singular thread that binds us all: a deeply rooted desire to fulfill our soul’s calling.

Realizing very quickly that college was, in fact, not what I was looking for, I decided to leave early.  After that, I dabbled in a great many things. It was a wonderful and freeing time. For many years I continued living like this — as a traveler, an artist and a student of life. And I was pretty happy…until, gradually I wasn’t. I’d developed a desire for something more, a longing that all the adventure in the world could not quell. I had slammed headfirst into a wall that I would later refer to as my “spiritual crisis”  In an effort to ease my inner struggle I began seeing a Reiki practitioner/energy worker. The results were immediate. It was working!!!! I started feeling better and better, all the while sensing that I was being divinely guided in so many ways toward my life’s purpose.

I had already started my own Reiki practice when a dear friend suggested I seek out the teachings of renowned hypnotist, Dolores Cannon. After reading one of her books (“The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth”) I knew I had to study with her and shortly after signed up for her Quantum Healing Hypnosis class. And, wow, I was hooked. After graduating from Quantum healing Hypnosis 2, I went on to study Hypno Vision with Burt Goldman. I fell in love with hypnosis. Completely. I was and still am in awe of its powerful healing potential. seeing first hand how hypnosis can change someone’s life, in just a matter of hours, as well as free them from their past, is one of the most inspiring things I’ve been privileged to witness. By traversing through my own path and witnessing true transformation in others, I’ve learned that reconnecting to self changes everything.  And I do mean EVERYTHING!!! This personal discovery — that living a connected life is so much fuller, richer and more authentic than I could have ever imagined — has become my impetus for everything.

That personal discovery is what I want to help you find.